Heart of the Marked by Lyra Asher (ePUB)

heart marked, lyra asher

Heart of the Marked (Moons of the Divine #1) by Lyra Asher – Free eBooks Download


You cannot know the depth of your light without knowing the depth of your darkness.
Darkness stirs in the continent of Ladon.
A realm divided by blood, built atop the bones of humans enslaved by the fae.
A human pulled from the wreckage of a once-great kingdom, chosen to usher in a new era of peace.
A marriage to bridge an alliance between two kingdoms and two species, to prove that humans and fae can live side by side peacefully.
Eighteen years ago, Cassandra was saved from the ashes of Menodore and brought to live within the safety of Argyll’s fae-ruled borders. Now that the time has come, she will do anything to bring an end to this centuries old conflict between her kind and the fae… Even forfeit her freedom to marry the High Fae Crown Prince of Gambriel—the same kingdom that has enslaved her people for all of time.
Will Cassandra’s sacrifice of her freedom be enough to unite the realm and end the enslavement and slaughter of her people? As the sparks of rebellion begin to blaze through the continent, harsh betrayals and hidden alliances are uncovered, and Cassandra begins to realize that nothing—and nobody—is ever as it seems.

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