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heart of monster, shain rose

Heart of a Monster by Shain Rose – Free eBooks Download


They said to be careful of the monster, but they didn’t know…
It was the monster that saved me.
The whole city called him the monster: a troubled man with demons in him clawing to get out.
His job was to ruthlessly take lives for the family.
And, yet, he saved mine.
Ever since, I was the one woman who could walk amongst the most powerful men within the Italian Mob—all except him.
To him, I didn’t belong. And he made it clear by being the monster everyone knew him to be:
Cruel, ruthless, and cold.
My gut told me to leave, but my soul wanted to stay. I gravitated toward the man no one understood because the monster in him risked it all to rescue me.
So, I opened the cage where his demons lived. I set them free.
And then I took the biggest risk:
I handed my heart to the monster to see if he’d rip it apart.

This book is the first in a duet. 80000+ words of love, angst, steam, and mafia romance. Their happily ever after will come in the next book set to release this summer.

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