Healing the Alien Bandit by Alina Riley (ePUB)

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Healing the Alien Bandit (Mated to the Baekex Bandit #3) by Alina Riley – Free eBooks Download


I saved his life, but he thinks I’m trying to kill him.
I carried the dead weight of a purple alien with his rattlesnake tail all the way back to my farm. He wakes up and chokes me alive. What is wrong with him?
When he faints again, I can’t stop myself from helping him. There is something with him that draws me closer and closer, so close that his hot body burns me.
But he is hiding something from me. For example, the reason his spaceship crashed. Something doesn’t line up, and keeping him around may bring its own set of risk…

Healing the Alien Bandit is the second book in the Mated to the Baekex Bandit series. Each book can be read as a standalone story, but you will enjoy the story more if you read them in sequence. This book has no cliffhangers or cheating and most importantly, contains a HEA.

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