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healing hearts, kimberly rae jordan

Healing Hearts (New Hope Falls #6) by Kimberly Rae Jordan – Free eBooks Download


Helping those less fortunate than him shouldn’t have come at such a high cost.

Ryker Bennet thought he had the world by the tail. A beautiful fiancée. A promising career as a pediatrician. Plenty of money. Everything was perfect and on track for the life he’d planned for himself.
But then, while volunteering as part of a medical mission in the Middle East, he was caught up in a horrific attack that left its indelible mark on him. Memories of that time have plagued him, invading his dreams and making it impossible for him to continue in his relationship and his career.

Life is different now, but he’s fine…most of the time.
Wanting a quiet, peaceful, safe life shouldn’t have been too much to ask.
It has taken far longer than it should have, but Sophia Haldorson has finally managed to escape a life that was supposed to have been happy and safe. Being back in New Hope Falls is a relief, if a bit uncertain for her and her young son. But with a place to live and a way to earn some money, they’re hopefully at the start of the safe and peaceful life that she’s always longed for.
After tragedy and heartache, is life to simply be endured?

When they both step in to help someone out, their paths cross. But will that be all it is? Or will the twists and turns their lives have already taken, take a couple more that might bring them to a place of healing and love? But trust is a hard thing to come by for people who’ve become wary of the world around them.

***This book deals with some events that certain readers might find difficult to read.

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