Head Above Water by Wafiyah Basha (ePUB)

head above water, wafiyah basha

Head Above Water (Auclair Triplets #1) by Wafiyah Basha – Free eBooks Download



Reign Auclair was drowning. In her hate, in her misery, and, worst of all, in her anger. Happiness and warmth are long gone from her life; she lives a mundane one. And the most noxious part is, she likes it that way.
Seven years is a long time. And seven years feel like an eternity when you are forced to live with a broken heart. Seven years: that is how long she has stayed away from her childhood best friend, Kenai Williams. His name is enough to make her blood boil and open up past wounds.
But what happens when he proposes a multi-million dollar construction project to end their family rivalry?
It doesn’t matter how much she loathes or misses him. Above everything, she loves him. And for the life of her, she couldn’t undo that.

Kenai Williams embodies the best of both worlds. He loves and cares deeply, as he lives his life to the fullest. Everyone has regrets in their lives. And behind that smile, he hides one too.
Reign Auclair was his best friend and the first and only love of his life. He had never imagined a world without her. Even if she is far away, her presence lingers everywhere around him. A knowledge that she still exists, in the same world as him. And that’s what burns the most. But the feeling of having her so close to him yet so far away—it’s pure torture. And the heart? It can’t stay away any longer. She is his lifeline and hellfire rolled into one.

Stars fell when their hearts shattered. An untold past and unknown forces tore them apart. Will Reign and Kenai ever meet halfway, or is theirs a love story meant to be written only in their unfulfilled dreams?

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