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He Has a Baby (Boston Brawlers #5) by Stephanie Queen – Free eBooks Download


What’s worse than having your nanny quit the minute you arrive in a new city to start the hockey season with a new team?
Absolutely nothing.
Except maybe meeting a hot and nurturing woman who volunteers to jump in and play your emergency nanny–and not being able to touch her because she’s off-limits. Lost and grieving, she’s vulnerable and the best friend of the team Captain’s wife. Not someone to fool with.
Did I mention she’s a supermodel? Not good. My ex was a model and left me and my baby to pursue her modeling career.
The last thing I need is another flight risk.
So… I’m stuck between a hot super model nanny and a hard AF dick with no where to go.

What’s worse than falling for a precious baby girl who’s not yours? Falling for her daddy too–when you can’t have either of them.
I lost my grams and I have no where to go with my aching heart, with the need to love and care for someone. When I walk out on my supermodel career, some people think I’m flighty. But when I volunteer to nanny for Rafe’s baby in an emergency, my best friend thinks I’m crazy.
Crazy, lost and flighty. I’m a total hot mess in no shape for a relationship. I can’t imagine committing to anything for long.
So… I’m stuck between a hot hockey player with his baby girl and a hard choice about what to do with my life.

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