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haze, sarah jaeger

Haze (The Ardelean Bloodline #2) by Sarah Jaeger – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes, finding your mate is only half the battle.

It’s a good thing I love a fight.

To wolves, our mates are sacred. Despite the life I’ve led, I never gave up hope of finding her.
After walking away from the “family business,” I’m forced to seek asylum with The Leviathan, the king of all wolves.
I’m ready for the quiet life: looking for my mate and staying out of trouble.
What I don’t expect? Is The Leviathan’s little sister, Kathleen Alden, to be the one. My mate. She’s younger, infuriating, passionate, and fits me perfectly in every way. I see our future clearly: mated, married, and a yard full of pups.
However, her adamant refusal to accept our bond has me fighting through every one of her defenses. She has no idea what she’s up against or the lengths I’ll go to keep her.

Griffin O’Leary may be strong, confident, and easy on the eyes, but I will never call him my mate. Ever. Not even his panty-melting Irish accent or alpha dominant vibes will … no. Nope. Not happening. It can’t.
First, because I don’t want a mate. Fated or otherwise.
And second, because there’s too much on the line to be tempted. My life’s work in shifter reproductive health is on the cusp of a breakthrough.
Was on the cusp.
Until an unfortunate… disruption derails my research. Now Finn and I are unceremoniously stuck together in a stalemate.
I was pretty sure I would come out victorious in the war of mating marks and matrimony. Except my wolf sides with Finn.
That little traitor.
It’s me versus Finn and my wolf. Will it be wedding bells or battle cries? There’s only one way to find out.

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