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Hayes (Retribution Kings #3) by Ella Miles – Free eBooks Download


Ruby West is my mark—the woman I’m supposed to claim. She may hold the truth of what happened one dark night in our past. If she does, and I can get her to tell me, then me and my friends will be one step closer to completing our mission.
But when I finally find her, she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I’m pulled to her as if someone put a spell on me. What are the odds? I’m incredibly attracted to the woman I’m supposed to seduce.
Although the physical attraction is there, she doesn’t make capturing her heart easy. She’s the grumpiest, most irritating woman I’ve ever met. But I’m the optimistic one–the sunshine that lights up any darkness. Plus, I love a good challenge.
I’m feeling hopeful about my progress, until I realize my mistake–the woman I think is Ruby West is actually Lilith Hart. I’ve fallen for the wrong woman! And now, the new leader of the Retribution Kings is after Lilith, wanting to make her his queen. As his second in command, I’ll be expected to help him.
Fate is cruel. Fate is going to make me suffer for falling in love with a woman who can never be mine.

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