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Hawk’s Baby by Naomi West – Free eBooks Download


He may be a killer, but I can’t say no to his touch.

Hawk Millard is not a good man. He’s a felon, a biker – and maybe even his brother’s killer. But in the wake of Hugh Millard’s murder, Hawk is the only one who can care for Hugh’s infant son.As a private investigator, I’m determined to get to the truth, by any means necessary.Even if I have to sacrifice my body to Hawk to get there.Hugh Millard’s death still haunts me.I was the detective assigned to his case, but the official answers never seemed to hold water.So I quit the police force and struck out on my own.I have to know what happened.And Hugh’s brother seems like a damn good place to start asking questions.But he’s not a man who takes kindly to strangers.

I move in next door, hoping to sneak my way into his life.If only I’d known how that would end up.Before I know it, I’m helping Hawk care for his baby nephew by day.By night, I’m stifling my moans in dark hallways while Hawk’s hands and mouth roam across my body.It’s wrong, I know.But he just does something to me.Awakens something I can’t control.Uncages something that refuses to go back inside.It’s not all fun and games, though.I’m in too deep, mired in a world where I have no business mucking around.There are killers out there, and people eager to come after what’s left of the Millard family and fortune.They’re the kind of people who see someone like me as little more than a roadblock… an obstacle to be disposed of.The only safety I can find is in Hawk’s arms.But as I learn more about Hawk and his past, I realize that that might be the most dangerous place of all.

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