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haven, pt ambler

Haven (Tennyson Bend #1) by PT Ambler – Free eBooks Download


Horny possums, full-body chocolate wraps, and just enough spice to make bone broth palatable.

All Dane wants is a stress-relieving weekend of salt spray, scotch, and sex. So, why does his PA think it’s a good idea to send him to a hippy-trippy wellness retreat deep in the Australian tropical rainforest? The only thing that makes the place bearable is the hot-as-hell guy in the cabin next door, who may or may not be a lying, cheating hack.
Cayden’s on a secret mission at the House of Glass Wellness Retreat to rescue his long-lost sister, Lucy, and repair his fractured family. It’s not him that needs saving. Not until the possums attack and the pin-striped dude with his kill-me-now looks comes barrelling out of the cabin next door, ready to save the day.
Neither can deny the attraction that flares between them, but Cayden dare not dream of hearts and rainbows till he’s unburdened by his mission, and Dane can’t trust anyone with his truth, let alone his scarred heart. So, they resolve to keep things casual while they band together to find clues to Lucy’s mysterious disappearance, dodge the retreat’s zealous guru, and save each other from one too many kale smoothies.
Neither expect complications…like pesky emotions.

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