Have no Fear by Jolie Damman (ePUB)

have no fear, jolie damman

Have no Fear by Jolie Damman – Free eBooks Download


I’ve trodden into his lair, and now that I’m in, escape is not an option.
This place is not for me, and he is going to keep me in it. He’s very persuasive…
I have to dance to his rhythm. And follow his rules, his terms.
Neil Wilson.
Cruel, ruthless, and one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve seen.
He abhors and loves me at the same time.
He will stop at nothing until I’m on my knees, begging for his mercy.
To prove that nothing is unreachable for him…
And to teach everyone how brutal he can be.
But I didn’t come here to let him have his way with me.
And I have a goal that I need to reach. Learn who he is behind the mask.
To use that information to destroy him.
Before he can do the same to me…
Keep your enemies closer than your friends? That’s what I plan to do.
But for how long can I keep the lies up?
For how much longer can I pretend that he doesn’t make me have feelings I shouldn’t have?

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