Haunted By Her Curves by Flora Ferrari (ePUB)

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Haunted By Her Curves by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download



It’s Halloween. My big break in journalism…
My only break since college. A real-life, low to no pay internship with a small-town newspaper.
And I have my first story.
Spending the night at a haunted house?
It must be some kind of wind up, a test.
I decide to check it out before chucking the job. What have I got to lose? At a crossroads in my life, I feel a change coming.
I feel him.
I feel drawn to the house on the hill and I don’t even know why. It’s like I’ve led my whole life, waiting to go there. Waiting for him. Ghost or not. Once I feel his eyes on me. I know I’m his… Forever.

A car crash.
Covering for my team’s captain.
My baseball career, over.
Everything crashes after that, and I find the one refuge I can remember… the house on the hill. Maybe I did die? Maybe my life’s over and I’m left to wander the earth, alone. Like a ghost. I watch through fading, cracked glass. Chasing snooping kids away.
Until one day.
She’s here.
It’s really her. Maybe I died and went to heaven, after all, I just had to wait for my angel at the gates.
My Lois.

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