Hateful Vengeance by Melinda Terranova (ePUB)

hateful vengeance, melinda terranova

Hateful Vengeance (Savage Kings of St. Ivy #4) by Melinda Terranova – Free eBooks Download


“Lies. Death. Betrayal.
They seem to seep into every part of my life, no matter how much I fight against them.
I have been summoned and delivered to the man I despise.
Bound. Gagged. Broken. Handed over by the ones I trusted most.
All for the sick and twisted benefit of The Brotherhood.
Stalked. Kidnapped. Stabbed. I’ve been an unwilling pawn in their game. A game I wanted no part of.
That ends now.
Steele. Hawke. Tyler. Colton. These four men have become relentless in their affections. Carving their way back into my vaulted heart, slowly trying to crack me open.
Gone is the wallflower who tried to remain strong throughout it all. Gone is the girl they all thought they knew.
I will fight until I get revenge on all those who have wronged me. No one is safe.
This game just became a war, and I plan to reign in blood.”
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