Hate You Still by Lyssa Lemire (ePUB)

hate you still, lyssa lemire

Hate You Still (Kings of Campus #3) by Lyssa Lemire – Free eBooks Download


Let’s play two truths and a lie.
Knox Delton broke my heart. I hate Knox Delton with every fiber of my being. I never want to see Knox Delton again. Can you spot the lie?
Everyone at Alton University knows about Knox Delton: the gorgeous, bad boy Tight End with a body built for sin and a taste for living dangerously. They call him a tornado, because he’s a wild, out-of-control force who creates chaos wherever he goes.
But I know that’s not what he really is – he’s a fire, scorching everything he touches to ash. I know, because I’ve already been burned. Before Knox Delton was the Knox Delton. The broken heart he left me with four years ago has yet to fully heal.
I’ve tried to keep my distance since then, but this year a major wrench gets thrown in my stay-away-from-Knox plans: he’s my next-door neighbor. They very last thing I ever wanted.
At least, that’s what I told myself.
I feel myself drawn to his flame again. Everyone knows if you play with fire, you get burned. But I already have my scars. What’s the worst that can happen if I reach into the flames one more time?
I guess I’m about to find out.

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