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Hardly (WTF #5) by J. D. Light – Free eBooks Download


A little kiss is Hardly the worst thing in the world.

When I drunkenly and accidentally kiss my best friend, I make a run for it because I’m a mature adult that needs his daddy. Unfortunately, Wyatt knows me really well, and that’s the first place he looks. I say I’m sorry more times than I can count, but since that night, Wyatt hasn’t been the same, and I know it’s my fault. The worst part is, I’m really not even that sorry. That one little kiss broke down the wall I’d been building against any kind of attraction to him since we first moved in together, and now I can’t stop thinking about him in a way I promised myself for years I wouldn’t.

I’ve been in love with my best friend for years. No, it’s not like everyone else who falls in love with their best friend, I’ve made no secret of it. I’ve told him over and over, but he refuses to hear it. He thinks my flirtation and sometimes out right love-confessions are a silly game. I’m starting to think he simply doesn’t want to know how deep my feelings are for him. When he kisses me in a drunken stupor, I think he’s finally heard me… Nope. What is it going to take for Roan to open his eyes and see what’s right in front of him?

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