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hard time, candice gilmer

Hard Time (Most Wanted Alien Brides #2) by Candice Gilmer – Free eBooks Download


Being mistaken for an Intergalactic Dating Agency client may be the best thing that could have ever happened to Rhimodian cyborg, Marcin. At least, that was his first thought. But when he meets his mate, she winds up being obsessed with something called eggplant.
His Craving burns for her, but making the stubborn woman hear him becomes harder than he thought.
Gianna Rosco, a writer from Earth, cannot believe this new dimension she and her BFF Tina find themselves in. Giant cyborgs searching for their mates? And they fit the bill? Heck yeah. They’ll treat them, right, right?
That’s what she thinks until she finds out that Marcin is just like any other guy she’d ever met on Earth. But he’s just as growly and demanding as anyone else.
Besides, this guy doesn’t have anything. Not a house, not a car, or spaceship or whatever it is they use, he doesn’t have it.
All he’s got is a big old eggplant that really likes her peach.
While a month of enjoying eggplant is always fun, she’s not ready to be bound to just one vegetable. Variety is the spice of life, right?
Marcin, however, wants her forever.
Gianna isn’t really sure she’s ready for that, even though her heart has other ideas. The thirty day escape clause is sounding better and better, especially when his secret comes out.
Will she be able to accept him as her cyborg mate? Or will she run for the portal back home?

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