Hard Love by E.M. Leya (ePUB)

hard love, em leya

Hard Love (Masters in Love #3) by E.M. Leya – Free eBooks Download


For years, Alex has delved deep into the world of BDSM. Dominant as can be, he finds himself in control over every aspect of his life. He has everything he wants except for a partner that he can not only dominate, but also reveal his softer side to.
Keith leads a busy life of school and work, always on his feet and seemingly unable to catch a break. He’s the youngest of a large family, and with the weight of all of his siblings being successful, he is urged to move forward in school. But with no time to uphold relationships, he finds himself lonely and craving more.
When a blind date aligns their paths, they both feel a spark that they haven’t felt in years. But there is one problem – Keith is afraid of BDSM, a large part of Alex’s life. When conflict arises, the two must find their way to create a world that is comfortable for the both of them.

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