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hard brake, brynn hale

Hard Brake (Graffiti Street Red Lipstick #1) by Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


My life is giving back to others.
And it takes a toll on me.
My life went from perfect, to bad, to the worst you can imagine.
I don’t like to think about it and I certainly don’t talk about it.
And when my past gets out of jail, there’s no doubt, the devil’s going to come for me.
Enter the new bartender at my bar, Hard Brake, Beck.
He’s cocky, in my face with his ways, and vows to protect me from the devil.
But he doesn’t know the devil like I do…

Like Gia, I have a soft spot for people in need.
Maybe it’s my military training, maybe it’s the fact that I’ve lived a hard life, or maybe I’m just tired of putting up with bad people.
When Gia’s sister hires me as a fake bartender to really protect her sister, I’m cool with the arrangement.
But when I meet Gia, I’m lost in her sad, dark eyes and craving to touch the curves of her body.
Riding bikes is my second love in life…now.
I’m going to take on the devil for her and I’m going to send him back to hell.
And she’s going to be mine, because it’s time that we both get what we want and need.

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