Hard as a Rock Star by Dawn Dugle (ePUB)

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Hard as a Rock Star (Pleasure Point #2) by Dawn Dugle – Free eBooks Download


When life beats you down, sometimes the only way out is through a song.

Drake Dangerthorne had the world at his feet as the lead singer of Volatilizing the Esthers.
Fans. Fame. Fortune.
But when his wife died in a mysterious accident, everything disappeared faster than a 90s one-hit-wonder.
Drake escaped to the one place he wouldn’t be judged or bothered – a former nudist colony.
Darby Daire is getting the Late 30s Life Smackdown – big time.
Her boss-hole fires her – publicly.
Her boyfriend forgets to tell her they broke up before he moves on and kicks her out.
And if it weren’t for a last-minute karaoke DJ gig in Pleasure Point, she’d be homeless.
Mother Nature, and some meddling Pointers, throw Darby and Drake together – hoping they’ll create beautiful music.
But the combination is anything but harmony as two stubborn people prove falling in love can be harder than a rock star.

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