Happily Ever Hoyden by Eva Devon (ePUB)

happily ever hoyden, eva devon

Happily Ever Hoyden (The Hoydens of Hyde Park #2) by Eva Devon – Free eBooks Download


From glittering ballroom to stunning castles, join four Hoydens as they turn London and the ton upside down in their pursuit of dreams, passion, and love!

A Lady Who Loves Lists:

Lady Evelyn is determined to do more than dance about ballrooms, even if she loves to waltz! Much to her good fortune, she’s an heiress with a guardian who prefers reading to rules. When she meets Lord Blake, she’s certain he’s irascible, impossible, and absolutely deliciously gruff. He’s also as determined as she is to make the world a better place. Quickly, she realizes, with her vast fortune, they could make all their dreams come true. There’s just one thing: she quickly realizes she desires his kiss as much as she desires their dream. Will passion destroy all they’ve worked for? Or will love find a way?

A Lord With A Broken Heart:

Lord Robert Blake served for years on the battle fields of Europe, stitching young men up and trying to save them from death. Those years have left him determined to do all he can for the wounded who return home to London. A chance meeting with Lady Evelyn stuns him and gives him hope in a way he never dared imagine. For suddenly, someone cares as much as he and promises him aid. There’s just one thing: Robert’s hunger for her heart and body match his admiration of her mind, and he knows he has but a hollow heart to give. Can he take a chance at finding love, or choose the pain of the past?

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