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hanging on, hazel taylor

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A deeply moving novel of continuing on even when it seems impossible.

Life is over for Lee Inola when a terrible car accident takes his life too soon. Lee was more than just the handsome guy with a heart of gold, Lee was the glue that held Evan, Sara, and Naomi’s friendship together. Ten years after the accident grief still haunts the group of friends as new information about the accident becomes known.

As questionable inconsistencies regarding the accident come to light, Evan, Sara, and Naomi continue to be tormented with grief and regret. Unable to move on, Sarah’s continued grief is greatly impacting her marriage.

With the final attempt to save her marriage, Sara finds a reason to bring the trio of friends back together, and in doing so, brings to light every bad memory that Evan and Naomi have been trying to bury for all these years.

Secrets are revealed, and new startling evidence regarding the accident is uncovered, but the one question that still remains on everyone’s mind is what really happened on the night of the accident?
…or was it no accident at all?

Emotional, romantic, and nail-biting. Hanging on is a story about friendship, the healing powers of time, and learning when it’s okay to let go.

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