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handle with care, romeo alexander

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Despite all these years apart and knowing my best friend is straight, my feelings for him haven’t changed. Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t so broken, maybe then I could speak my truth.

Starting over was never going to be easy. I’d spent over a decade ruining my life, and the whole point of returning to Cresson Point was to finally make a genuine attempt to fix everything I’d screwed up. Years of alcohol, drugs, and…other things would haunt me forever, but I was clean and sober now, and this was the first real chance I’d given myself.
It didn’t take long to realize just how hard it was going to be. Panic attacks, people tiptoeing around me…temptation everywhere. They say yesterday’s pain is today’s strength, and I had to figure out how to live my life while facing the demons of my past. That included a few surprises, like running into Owen. Oh God, Owen! There were so many secrets, but he had always been strong, my safe haven, and maybe this was my chance to finally make things right. My feelings for my straight, former best friend hadn’t changed, but why was he so determined to have me back in his life?
Suddenly, getting my life back on track felt even more important. If anyone besides my siblings deserved to see me at my best, it was Owen.
All I could do was try…day by day.
Despite the secrets, the heartache, the pain, and so many missed opportunities. Will Robin be able to overcome his demons? Can he recapture his friendship with Owen, and will there ever be a chance of…more?


This is a slow-burn, bisexual, second chances romance with a friends-to-lovers storyline and, of course, a happy ending.

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