Handful of Peaches by Angie Pepper (ePUB)

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Handful of Peaches (Peaches Monroe’s Diary #1) by Angie Pepper – Free eBooks Download


It was just another Saturday at the bookstore when Dalton Deangelo, the famous actor, came running in to hide from the press.
We clicked instantly. I fell for him because I’d always loved him… as the sexy vampire he played on my favorite TV show. And he fell for me because… I don’t know why.
I didn’t have a date for my cousin’s wedding, so he asked if he could tag along. I figured why not? I was just a regular, curvy girl who ran a bookstore, not a perfectly-trim actress. Everyone would know he was just doing me a favor.
Well, we went to the wedding, and my whole family loved him. Especially my mother.
After our date, I thanked Dalton for giving his number one fan a memorable night. To my surprise, he said we weren’t done yet. He muttered something about “research,” and proceeded to sweep me off my feet.
What happened next was the stuff of Hollywood headlines.
We’re talking scandal after scandal after scandal!
Now I’m at the center of it all, running around in my underwear.

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