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Hammering Hearts (Pine Point Fixer-Uppers #1) by Alex Danvers – Free eBooks Download


It’s been years since Jake Rasmussen and the Pine Point Fixer Uppers crew worked a job together. What used to be a successful project now brings in little more than coffee money. Years of drifting apart, moving away, and at least one messy breakup split them all apart. It would have taken a literal miracle to get them all back together in the same room…or a juicy offer to host their own home renovation show.
Quinn Benson has a house full of grief. After his grandfather passes away, he inherits the property where he grew up, along with his grandpa’s overwhelming hoard. When he stumbles into a call from a new show, looking to fix up people’s houses, he seizes the opportunity. It’s only when the crew shows up and they dive head-first into the problem that reality slams down onto him. Sorting through a lifetime of memories is one thing. Doing it with a hunky, blond carpenter over his shoulder is more than he bargained for.
Jake isn’t a permanent fixture. The show will whisk him off to another city in a few meager weeks. Quinn’s not ready to open himself up to a relationship with an obvious expiration date. Yet each time they try to keep a reasonable distance, they crash back into each other. Jake is light and goofy and always ready to lend an ear. Quinn is stark and serious, and just like fixing up a house, Jake can’t resist trying to dive in and help. As they tear open the walls and expose everything, they’re either going to find something sturdy, or see that there’s too much rot to build anything.

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