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hacker betrayed, linzi baxter

Hacker Betrayed (White Hat Security #11) by Linzi Baxter – Free eBooks Download


Dr. Paxton Renolds
I believe in love at first sight.
Maybe it was from the romance novels I read as a kid.
The same ones my brother picked on me for reading.
Years later, they come to me for romance advice.
It seems those books paid off…
Until I met Mia Clark.
She has steel enforced concrete walls around her heart.
And secrets that would rival the CIA.
When she shows up at my Club bleeding, I know I’ll stop at nothing to protect her.

I was in foster care when I made the promise.
Barely old enough to know what I agreed to.
Except I never back away from a commitment.
I figured the call would never come.
Instead, it came as a text.
Three words: I need you.
The scene I walked into was worse than I could imagine.
Now I’m thrown into a world I thought I left behind.
It’s even more challenging with the bullet wound.
And a kid.
Only one person came to mind when I needed help.
His green eyes haunted me at night.
Even if I promised myself, I wouldn’t fall for them.
I’ll never give my heart away…
I just hope those aren’t my famous last words.

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