Guide To Bossing A Billionaire by Ellie Rowe (ePUB)

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Guide To Bossing A Billionaire (Skyscrapers and Stilettos #2) by Ellie Rowe – Free eBooks Download


For all the guys who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen…remember that’s where the knives are kept!
Never let it be said that I underestimated Monica Vale because she was a woman.
I mean, I was a bit distracted that day.
I thought I was being given the reins to my father’s company.
I certainly didn’t think that he was creating a contest between me and this ravishing goddess that would determine who was going to lead our multi-billion dollar real estate empire into the future.
It’s just that the moment I saw her, I knew that was it.
I said goodbye to all other women the moment I laid eyes on her.
And by the tremble of her chin…I knew I’d ruined her for every other man.
We’re enemies – no doubt about that.
But we’re attracted to each other in a way that’s basically animal.
I bring the power.
She brings the passion.
Together, we’re gonna conquer the whole damn world.

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