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guide me, ivy evergreen

Guide Me (In The Desert #1) by Ivy Evergreen – Free eBooks Download


Can a woman go anywhere without being hit on?
Apparently not.
Is nothing sacred? Not even the grocery store parking lot?
And what’s even worse? I could care less about the dude who hit on me. Gross and immediately wiped from my memory. But, the man who stepped in to “rescue” me?
I can’t forget him.
Even if it makes me a shi**y feminist because while I didn’t need nor did I ask for his help – he assumed I did – because I’m a woman. I should be able to forget about him and his sexist ideas too.
But, I can’t.
I couldn’t forget that gorgeous face and shi*t-eating grin, even if I tried.
And now, I run into him everywhere.
So, what’s a girl to do?
The small town of Preserve, California is situated deep in the desert at an entrance to Joshua Tree National Park. As a new park ranger in town, meeting men, especially those that I meet in grocery store parking lots, are the last thing on my mind.
Until Logan McGuire.
It’s not just him though. It’s this place. These people. It’s the first time I have felt at home in years.
I have been biding my time, trying to get a full-time position with the National Parks Service for years, and now that I have secured one, I will not let a man (a beautiful man, but still, just a man) consume my thoughts. I need to stay focused.
Staying focused has become extremely difficult around the man in question, especially when he makes no secret of his attraction to me.
He’s attracted to me, I’m attracted to him – should be easy to figure out, right?
But, he’s not interested in anything serious, in a relationship. And, I just so happen to be a relationship kind of girl.
Do I agree to a fling, if it’s the only way I can have him? Or do I hold out for what I want?

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