Guarding Jewels by Elizabella Baker (ePUB)

guarding jewels, elizabella baker

Guarding Jewels (Bravo Team #3) by Elizabella Baker – Free eBooks Download


Jeweliana Grey is known for her wild and often dangerous schemes. So when her adventurous side has her witnessing a murder, she finds herself on the run and seeking help from an unlikely source. Her only problem? Jewels has spent years hiding what she really did for a living and now those secrets are out. She will soon learn that she has more than just one enemy.
One brief encounter and Owen “Apollo” Kelly is hooked. Too bad the woman he can’t get out of his head is his best friend’s baby sister. When Jewels shows up and confesses her life is in danger, Owen will drop everything to show her he’s her best bet at surviving. But Jewels isn’t the only one who has secrets that they prefer to stay hidden. Captured and beaten, Owen will have to decide if the truth really can set someone free.
Can Owen and Jewels learn to trust each other long enough to survive a common enemy?

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