Guarded by the SEAL by Jenna Gunn (ePUB)

guarded seal, jenna gunn

Guarded by the SEAL by Jenna Gunn, Oona Ryda – Free eBooks Download


Get two sizzling SEAL Novellas with this duet.

About Resisting the Bodyguard SEAL
Frenemies-with-benefits… That’s a hard NO.
I won’t play games with my boss’s gal pal. I know if I have one taste of her, I’m not letting her go.
There’s a showdown coming. The live wire that snaps between us is dangerous. Something is gonna go up in smoke.
In one corner—a five foot three knockout with her heart on lockdown. In the other corner, me, a six foot six former SEAL that wants one thing… to claim her as mine.
The fiery brunette was made for me and I was made for her. Even if she refuses to admit it…
A damaged past ruined her trust of men. I’m not that kind of man. If she gives herself to me, I give her all of me.
Everything comes to a dangerous head when her life is threatened. That’s when I show her that nothing will stop me from keeping her safe.
But I’m not letting her go back to pretending that the electricity between us is nothing. She played with fire. We both got singed by the heat.
Now, I won’t stop until I get what I want—forever with her.

Resisting the Bodyguard SEAL is a super sizzling rescuer romance. This 23,000 word book is a complete story. Reno and Maria will light up your Kindle and have you cheering for their happy ever after as you devour every single page. Contains no cheating and has a delicious happy forever ending. Written in first person and has four points of view, Reno, Maria, and their best friends, Luke and Ghiselle.

About Challening the Guardian SEAL
Everything about my neighbor makes the SEAL protector in me roar back to life.
Secrets surround the delicate blond beauty who took a job as winter caretaker to the mansion next door to mine.
A job too harsh for a woman who obviously is a fish out of water in a Colorado snowstorm.
After she has a near miss with the snowblower, I find that I can’t stay away.
I should leave her the hell alone. Ghiselle doesn’t need a man like me.
I’m a wrecking ball with a missing limb.
She’s as perfect as shimmering sun-lit glass.
My damage runs deep.
Nightmares drenched in blood.
A woman like her should have someone else. Even though I’ve got more money than I’ll ever need, I can’t fix what’s inside of me.
But that doesn’t stop me needing to claim her as my own.
When shots are fired, my blood runs cold. Somehow I’ve put her in danger.
But soon I find out it may be related to her parents’ mysterious deaths.
The people after her are about to find out they’ve picked a fight with the wrong man.
I’ll do what it takes to keep her safe. Expense and danger mean nothing to me.
This will end. Nothing’s getting between us and our future. I’ve tasted heaven now and there’s no going back.

Challening the Guardian SEAL is a page turning, super hot, rescuer romance. This 27,000 word extra steamy book focuses on Luke and Ghiselle, with a visit from Reno and Maria. Contains no cheating and has a delicious happy forever ending. Written in first person and has four points of view, Luke, Ghiselle, Reno, and Maria

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