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He’s a grumpy Texan bodyguard who lost everything he cared about. She’s the single mom who melts his frozen heart. She and her son might just be his shot at a second chance…if he can keep them alive.
I swore I’d never love again. After my wife and son were torn from me. I threw myself into my job as the leader of a private military team and pushed everyone away.
But while on vacation in Mexico, I see an armed gang trying to drag a woman and child from their car and run to help. The woman I rescue is Lorna, a shy single mom with curves that don’t quit and the most amazing gray eyes I’ve ever seen. We have nothing in common: she’s a sophisticated New Yorker trying to raise a son on her own. I’m a big, stubborn, former Delta operator from Texas. But the attraction is red-hot and intoxicating. All I want to do is run my hands over those curves, pull her to me and kiss her hard. But she and her son remind me too much of the family I lost. As soon as I’ve got them to safety, I force myself to walk away.
But the danger isn’t over. When Lorna returns to New York, someone tries to kill her, and when she asks me to be her bodyguard, I can’t say no. Now this grumpy cowboy has to put on a suit, move into her New York penthouse, and try to fit into her fast-paced, glossy life. I need to keep my distance…but how can I, when I have to be right by her side? As I begin to fall for her and bond with her son, I want a future together…but that means letting go of my past. And all the time, the danger is mounting. The assassin is closing in, and even my whole team might not be enough to stop him.

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