Grit & Grime by Autumn Summers (ePUB)

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Grit & Grime (Dark Angels MC #5) by Autumn Summers – Free eBooks Download


Was that an eighteen wheeler that just ran me over?

Sure as hell knocked the wind out of me, but now I’m boiling with anger.
How dare he assume my seat, I deserve to be president of the Dark Angels Motorcycle Club!
Bull doesn’t realize who he’s messing with, I will go to any length, any length to get that seat back.
Especially if my suspicion about my fathers murder proves true.
If I was still back in the joint, some fresh meat would have caught a shanking so I get this anger out.
But out here the only thing that makes me feel sane is being with Fiona, thank God I got her.
Well sorta…
I’m not sure how long she’ll stick around, she just turned eighteen and she wants answers.
She wants to know why I won’t be with her, even the there’s an electric energy in the air ewhen both of are in the same room, and I can hardly get her name out of my mouth with catching a hard-on.
But my word is my bond, I made a commitment and I have to stick by it!
That is until I see the fierce flames in eyes and the heat gets so unbearable, we have no other choice…

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