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Grit (Dark Slayers MC #3) by Aria Ray – Free eBooks Download


Grit, VP of the Dark Slayers MC, is everything my father ever warned me about. And more. With all those rumors swirling around the man, any woman with common sense would run away from him and never look back. But Grit burst into my life on my darkest day. He rescued me and gently carried my battered body into the blinding sunlight. He stood guard outside my hospital room to make sure my abductors couldn’t get to me again. Since then, I can’t stop thinking about his dark eyes, intricate tattoos and chiseled body. I can still remember how he whispered to me in that rough voice of his that I was safe and everything would be okay. But when a woman suddenly shows up and dumps a baby into his arms – I realize the rumors are true: Grit is a player, equally gifted in the kick boxing ring and between the sheets. And that’s the last thing I need when I’m trying to put my life back together. I can’t let myself crave him. I should keep him at arm’s length, but I can’t. No matter how hard I try. Luckily, Grit is determined to stay away, intent on being a good father for his little daughter. But when the demons from my past resurrect, Grit is the only one who can keep me safe and help me get the justice I deserve. There’s no escaping this passion between us. Could it be that a bond forged from fire can never be undone?

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