Greek Playboys: A Deal In Passion by Dani Collins (ePUB)

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Greek Playboys: A Deal In Passion by Dani Collins, et al – Free eBooks Download


Sunset Seduction
Greek magnate Stavros Xenakis must go undercover to win a bet – and escape his grandfather’s demands that he take a bride. Until encountering deliciously tempting housekeeper Calli proves that a convenient wife is exactly what he needs! But neither expect for their honeymoon to be so sinfully sensual… Or for their temporary marriage to be so exquisitely satisfying.

After marrying Greek tycoon Christo, Emma overhears him admitting he married her for convenience. Escaping to her family’s beautiful Corfu villa, she doesn’t expect Christo to follow – especially with seduction in mind! Their intense attraction promises an explosive reunion. Will Christo show Emma there’s more to their marriage than just convenience…?

Arabella Daniels takes risks in life, but none as great as agreeing to Draco Angelis’ outrageous suggestion. But her father has embezzled money from the formidable magnate and now she must pay the debt – by whatever method Draco demands. The weight of Draco’s diamond ring feels like too high a price to pay, especially when the prospect of sharing Draco’s bed draws inevitably closer…

Xenakis’s Convenient Bride by Dani Collins
Wedding Night Reunion in Greece by Annie West
A Diamond Deal with the Greek by Maya Blake

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