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gray, callie rhodes

Gray (The Boundarylands Omegaverse #10) by Callie Rhodes – Free eBooks Download


Olivia’s superiors said they were sending her to the Boundarylands on a mission of discovery, but what they really wanted her for was bait.
No woman willingly travels to the Boundarylands.
It’s where they are—the Alphas.

They keep to themselves in the wilderness, and beta civilization knows to keep its distance. Especially beta women…for fear they may not be a beta after all.
Olivia’s orders were simple. Travel to the Boundarylands, covertly observe an alpha specimen, and send back her data. Her superiors promised her every precaution. They promised she’d be safe. But they never told her she what they really needed her for was bait.

And when the alpha they’d sent her to observe discovers the spy on his property, he’s determined to take his revenge…any way he wants.
Welcome to the Boundarylands. A place where the only way to know your true nature is to feel the touch of an Alpha. Omegas may be rare, but every woman knows their fates are hellish—held captive, broken, mated, knotted, and bred.

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