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Gravity (Devil’s Vengeance MC #1) by V.M. Morgan – Free eBooks Download


When I moved to a new town with my abusive father, I did everything I could to blend in, disappear and stay out of the way. Having lost my hearing, I avoid human interaction at all costs. When I saw Knight for the first time, I felt like gravity disappeared and nothing else would ever tether me as strongly as he did. Every time after that, I did the only thing my self-consciousness would allow – I ran and hid. Until one day, a forgotten wallet, over-sized (but necessary) sunglasses, and a slip of scribbled paper changed everything.
When I first saw Maggie, the gravity that held me to this earth shifted. It was no longer a magnetic pull explained by physics that held me here. It was her. Fire red hair, eyes like wet moss, and a scent like the air right before a heavy rainstorm, she consumed my mind. I watched her, waited for her, and when she finally let her guard down, I slipped in and consumed hers as well.

When Maggie needs him most, will he come for her? Will he fight for the love that has grown since before they ever met? Will he protect her from a threat neither of them are aware even exists?
The answer is simple. “Always, Butterfly. Always.”

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