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I thought I’d seen everything.
A decade as a cop tends to make anyone cynical. Even a cop with great instincts.
Until I follow those instincts one night, and get my throat torn out.
That’s a new one.
Odder still, I wake up in the ER with no trace of the lethal injury. Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled to be alive, but my memory is blank.
I’m going to find out what happened.
I followed a man that night. I have a feeling he has answers.
Finding him might kill me.
I was the king of the city. Untouchable.
Until a hired assassin tried to kill me.
My saving grace? A police officer caused a distraction allowing me to dispatch the assassin.
My mistake? Saving that police office. A woman who haunts me with the sweetness of her taste.
Someone is power-hungry enough to try to make me permanently dead. I need an expert to help uncover the source of the threat.
And I know just where to find a detective.
Whether she wants to help or not.

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