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Grating on the Boss (The Boss) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


When James, one of the brothers behind J&J Construction, hired me as a receptionist I thought my luck was turning around. I should have asked more questions about the other J because where James has an easy smile and rolls with things, Jaxson is rigid and doesn’t know the definition of coloring outside the lines. I don’t think Jaxson likes me very much because I always thought those lines were more suggestions than boundaries.
It would be okay if Jaxson wasn’t the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. I have become a walking, talking cliché complete with a boss who makes me swoon and lose all my mental faculties. I can’t seem to stop making a fool of myself in front of him, somehow becoming an uncoordinated newborn giraffe as soon as I get a whiff of him.
I don’t think I can keep doing this. It’s embarrassing. I’ve decided, for Boss’s Day I’m going to give Jaxson the only present I’m sure he wants: my resignation.

I don’t know what the James was thinking when he hired Autumn because everything about her screams unorganized distraction. Maybe the distraction part is only a problem I have because I can’t seem to keep my eyes or mind off her. The whole thing grates on my last nerve. I knew I shouldn’t have taken a few vacation days. Somehow, he found the one candidate destined to turn me inside out and turn me on like no one else.
The more I’m around her, the longer she works for me at J&J Construction, the harder it is for me to keep myself in check. I need order, I understand it, but she’s come in and messed everything up, making me want to throw all the rules and my regulated life out the window. I’m not sure when or how, but I’m finding the chaos she brings to my life and business endearing instead of annoying.
She got under my skin. She might think I want her to leave so I can find order again, but she’s wrong. She shook me up, reminded me there’s more to life and I’m not letting her go. I’m going to make her mine.

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