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get me feeling, casey cox

Got Me Feeling (Vet Shop Boys #8) by Casey Cox – Free eBooks Download


I’m a thug. I’ve done bad things. And I’m straight… So why can’t I get the sexy Aussie vet out of my head?
When I showed up on my brother’s doorstep three years ago, I’d hit rock bottom. Broke and homeless, with a miles-long trail of destruction in my wake.
Those days are behind me. I’m rebuilding my life. Staying focused. Disciplined. Busy. If I’m not working to pay back my debts, I’m helping out at my brother’s animal shelter. Whatever it takes to keep my impulses under control.
And then I meet Locky, the new Aussie vet. His husband cheated, kicked him out, and is threatening to turn their divorce nuclear.
My newfound control snaps. I have to help, even if the smart thing to do would be to stay away
I definitely shouldn’t give Locky a place to stay.
Or offer to be his wingman…with benefits.
Or get involved in his messy divorce.
Too late.
I may be straight, but Locky’s triggered every possessive instinct I have. And that’s what makes this situation dangerous. Because I do very bad things to protect the people I care about.
I’ve worked hard to start over, so why has Locky got me feeling I’d be willing to blow it all up for him?

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