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Good Guy Gabe (Wilmington Juggernauts #1) by C. B. Alice – Free eBooks Download


I’m the responsible guy. The polite guy. The guy my teammates on the Wilmington Juggernauts, the NFL’s newest expansion team, rely on to keep things running smoothly.

When I’m sent to a local quilt shop to pick up a donation for an upcoming fundraiser, I realize I’m something else: the guy who’s going to marry Joss Paige, the self-proclaimed but wildly successful quiltfluencer.
Joss is a hermit, hiding in her shop and online community, but I won’t let that stop me from taking her to the fundraiser. There, I learn she’s been shunned by Wilmington high society because of crimes committed by her ex-husband.
I don’t care about her past or her ex. I only care about keeping her by my side, no matter what it takes. White lies and gentle manipulations—they’re for our happiness. The greater good and all that.
But then I find out what her ex-husband did, what it did to her, and what my tiny white lie will do to her.
And it turns out I’m not the good guy after all.

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