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goddess above, randi rayl

Goddess Above (The Bone Gatherers #4) by Randi Rayl – Free eBooks Download


Tupack was a leader, always in complete control of his mind and his body. Until a goddess brought him to his knees…
As the legendary leader of the southwest Bone Gatherer family, Tupack has been saving the souls of his Aztec descendants from the demon spawn who feed upon them for thousands of years. Duty is Tupack’s sole focus; he’s never felt the touch of a woman’s hand or fallen in love. But at night he is plagued by visions of a woman calling for him and nightmares of a demon scourge overtaking their world. When his family of Bone Gatherers discovers the hidden dimension of the king of the living, Quetzalcoatl, he is shocked to find the queen is the woman from his dreams.
Matlolcueitl is the embodiment of a goddess. When her beauty leaves Tupack stunned, the king captures him. Sneaking to the dungeon, the queen confides in Tupack she doesn’t love the king, and that she has dreamed of Tupack as well.
Discovering their betrayal, the king promises to let Matlolcueitl live if Tupack leads his legion of demons on earth. Risking her own life, the queen frees him, begging him to leave. Yet Tupack can’t walk away from the goddess who has his soul.Now Tupack must find a way to save his people and the woman he loves.
But how does a simple Bone Gatherer defeat a god and free a goddess?

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