God Save the Highlander by Fiona Faris (ePUB)

god save highlander, fiona faris

God Save the Highlander by Fiona Faris – Free eBooks Download


Life has poisoned him and her love is the only antidote…
Lady Seonaid of the Urquhart lands is forced to marry a despicable man. When her father refuses to cancel this union, she comes up with a devious plan to make her match deny her.

Yet fate may have other plans for her.
Eoin has lived his life in his cruel father’s shadow. Lacking affection and love since childhood, Eoin’s cocky arrogance is a veil for him to conceal his wounded soul. Now his duty calls for a match with a powerful clan, but his bride may be precious to other people as well.

When Seonaid disappears only hours before their wedding, he can tell this is more than a rebellious reaction. And his worst enemy’s sword found in the crime scene ascertains all his fears. Now Eoin and Seonaid are interwoven in a dangerous web of lies and deception. What started as a childish game might end in tragedy… The road to her survival passes through his bed…

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