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gluttony, kira roman

Gluttony (Sinners Fairytales #1) by Kira Roman – Free eBooks Download


Growing up with Grams was like a dream. She was kind and patient. She took the time to raise me right. All of my best memories are with her. Sadly for Grams, there was nothing she could do about the storm growing inside of me.
I spent a lot of time running through the woods behind our home. Watching, studying. Waiting.
Wolf and Hunter always put a smile on my face, even if Wolf was too scared to talk to me.
When a mysterious fire takes the lives of horrible people, the entire town turns a blind eye.
After all, why would anyone suspect a sweet girl like Red?
Hunter and Wolf think I don’t notice them watching me. Wolf thinks I don’t know his secret. He thinks I don’t know his plan. But he has no idea that I have a plan of my own. Dirty secrets of my own.
I’ve never been one to resist having my fill, and I’m done waiting.
I’ll play the part they expect, and when they’re ready, I’ll give them my secrets. Every last terrifying one.

Note from the author: This standalone ménage contemporary dark romance is the First book of the Sinners Fairytale Retellings series. Each installment can be read on its own and each retelling is intended for mature audiences, since it may contain triggers. Every author contributing to this series guarantees a HEA.

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