Given to the Gladiator by Olivia T. Turner (ePUB)

given to gladiator, olivia t turner

Given to the Gladiator by Olivia T. Turner – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been taken from my village, bound as a slave, and now I’m being thrown at the feet of the most deadly Gladiator in Roman history.
I belong to Kaeso Vinicius now.
I’m his prize.
He gets to do whatever he wants to me and there’s nobody around to stop him.
I tremble as I look up at the largest man I’ve ever seen.
And the scariest.
He’s so unlike the pretty-faced boys who chased me around the village.
He’s rough-looking with scars all over and a hungry gleam in his dark possessive eyes, like he’s about to devour me whole.
I did not picture my first time like this…
So, why is my body urging me to go to him?
Why am I not afraid, but excited?
Why is this brutish monster of a man saying he finally has something to fight for?
And why am I hoping it’s me?

This over-the-top Roman Gladiator will have you screaming for mercy and then begging for more. Who can resist an obsessed alpha in a loincloth? Insta-love at its finest in a SAFE read with no cheating and a super sweet HEA guaranteed. Enjoy!

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