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give me peace, mk harper

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Did you know, roughly twenty-seven percent of child abductions are carried-out by an acquaintance or family friend? Who better to lure you away than someone you know and trust. With every day that passes, the likelihood of being found grows smaller. I never imagined I’d be one of them—my face tacked to a bulletin board at the local grocery store, a statewide search issued on my behalf. Even harder to fathom, was that I’d ever be a part of the lucky few who make it home after enduring years of captivity.
And when I finally do, nothing is the same.
I’m left to pick up the pieces of my shattered life without the one person I need the most. Instead, I have five men who’ve taken me under their wings, helping me heal as best they can. Every day I find a little more of myself, but the past has me in its clutches, refusing to let go. No matter how hard I work to move forward, he’s always there. Lurking in the shadows, eager to pull me back.
But as the saying goes—what’s done in the dark, will come to light.
Everything I thought I knew? It was wrong. There’s more at play than we realize, and while I grapple for a shred of normalcy, someone’s plotting and planning. Again. We’re racing to find answers, pitted against a countdown we’re completely unaware of. As the days tick by, the peace I’ve found with the guys hangs in the balance, threatened by an enemy I can’t seem to shake. I fought hard for my freedom, and I have no intention of standing idly by while it slips through my fingers once again.
I, Saylor Radley, have too much to lose to toss in the towel now.
I will not go quietly, and God help the poor bastard who thought it wise to go against my men. They saved me once, but maybe this time I’ll save myself.

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