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Gingerbread Spiced Daddy (Elves After Dark #1) by Leona Windwalker – Free eBooks Download


I should have seen this coming. I’ve screwed up in every single department they put me to work in back at the Pole. Assigned to the general labor pool to do whatever grunt work of the day that’s needed, I was just handed the joy of going into the human world to serve as a candy cane patrol monitor at a shopping mall Santa’s grotto for the whole of this holiday season. It’s depressing as all get out, seeing all of those loved up couples and happy families enjoying the festive atmosphere while I go back to the crappy motel room I share with another failure of an elf. Is it too much to ask to have someone of my own to cuddle up with in front of a roaring fire and have sexy times with next to the Christmas tree? That’s when I see him, a breathcatchingly handsome man standing there in line, holding his kid’s hand, naturally. Still, I can dream, right? He looks just like my ideal notion of the perfect Daddy.

I don’t know how I let myself get talked into taking my niece Laurette to go see Santa. Okay, yes, I do. I made the mistake of telling my sister that I was going out to do some personal Christmas shopping, pick up the gift baskets my boss ordered for our department heads, and to order the decorated giant cookie for the staff Christmas party. As soon as she realized I would be stopping at the mall, that was all she wrote. So, here I am, standing in line wearing the Santa hat Laurette insisted I wear, wondering just what the hell that guy in the elf costume handing out candy canes to the kids as they leave is staring at. He better not be some weirdo thinking about trying to get Laurette alone later or snatching her from the parking lot or something. No, wait, it’s me he’s looking at. I know I look ridiculous in this hat and it doesn’t go with my leather jeans and bike jacket but he looks pretty stupid too in those small shorts, striped tights, and let’s not forget his elf hat which has bells on it. Bells!

Gingerbread Spiced Daddy is a Christmas romance following one Winter Elf fresh from the North Pole as he finds his HEA in the human world over the holiday season thanks to a little magic called love.

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