Gingerbread Gamble by Melody Tyden (ePUB)

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Gingerbread Gamble (Christmas in the City #4) by Melody Tyden – Free eBooks Download


Noelle never seems to come first. In her family, she’s the second daughter. In her college classes, she’s in a battle for top spot with the annoyingly clever Aaron. Her best friend, Eve, is richer and prettier and she just managed to hook up with Corey, the guy Noelle has had a crush on for years.
Now, their whole group of friends is heading for a 10-day getaway in the Christmas town of Leavenworth, where Noelle will have to watch Corey and Eve together. To make matters worse, she’s stuck sitting next to Aaron, who happens to also be Corey’s best friend, for the whole flight. One too many drinks over the Midwest and she ends up spilling the beans about her crush.
Just when she thinks she’s blown it all, Aaron lets her in on a secret: he’s always wanted a shot with Eve. The relationship between Eve and Corey is just a fling, so maybe, by working together, they can find a way to break the new couple up and both get what they want. It might be a gamble, but anything worth having is worth playing dirty for.

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