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gilded chains, aria zinn

Gilded Chains (Echo Bay) by Aria Zinn – Free eBooks Download


For five long years, Siberia has been my prison, bound to a low-rank Vor husband with no hope of escape.
With no family to rescue me, I’ve resigned myself to this bleak fate.
Then he arrives. Mikhail Vasiliev, the spoiled prince that the Bratva intends to make a king.
Though we never speak, the connection between us is unmistakable.
Then Mikhail rescues me from a fate worse than death
And in between one violent, blood-soaked moment and the next, I become his.
But the only way I’m getting out of the Gulag is the same way I came in: as a bride.
Before we leave this accursed place, I become Mrs. Vasiliev.
Mikhail offers me a new world. One of opulence and freedom.
But how can you trust a devil whose eyes promise sinful things?
Through his diligence and persistence, something soft and delicate takes root in the barren field of my heart.
Until I think, perhaps, against all odds, there’s hope and a future for the two of us.

I was sent to Siberia for a year, meant to learn how to suffer, fight, and lead as my brother’s heir and brigadier.
Instead, I find something men like me spend a lifetime imagining: a fiery-eyed woman with a steel spine, and an unbroken spirit.
Ekaterina is a wildcat who sets my soul ablaze. Though I’m meant to return to my role, I won’t leave her, even if it means serving a life-long sentence.
Though I want to make her mine, the laws of the Bratva bind us. I know not to interfere with another man’s bride.
But when Ekaterina’s life is on the line, I break every rule to save her.
Now, I’m her rescuer and husband, pretending that this marriage of convenience is just a front.
When the truth is I want to make this charade real.
Whisking her away like Cinderella at the ball, I bring her into my world.
Anything she wants is at her fingertips, and soon, the yearning between us becomes impossible to ignore.
But right when we begin living our star-crossed love story, a monster from the past arrives and threatens to tear it all down.

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