Ghosts of the Past by Elizabeth Silver (ePUB)

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Ghosts of the Past (Tin Star Witches: Beyond Ruby Gulch #5) by Elizabeth Silver – Free eBooks Download


Swarthy 6ft rancher and father in New Mexico Territory seeks wife or male companion able to assist with livestock and home. Must be comfortable with magic. Neatness is more important than comeliness. Travel expenses supplied.
As a boy, James Dolan made a promise in blood and tears. As a man, he’s determined to honor his word, at any cost. Even if it means signing up to be a strange rancher’s mail-order companion. It’s certainly a bonus that the range witch who pays his train fare from New York to New Mexico is more than a little easy on the eyes.
After losing his lover in the war, and his father and brother in the Ruby Gulch mine disaster, Carlos wants nothing more than to run his familiar ranch, raise his boy, and be left alone with the memories and spirits of his loved ones. But no matter how stubborn he is, Carlos has to admit that he needs help. The man he choses is nothing like what he expected, but he might be exactly what Carlos and his family have been needing.
But there are secrets and ghosts aplenty between them, and some of them come with very real danger to both body and heart. When lies and half-truths come to light, the easy option will be to just give up and go home alone. Can they overcome their pasts and build a future together, or will the reckoning be more than they can handle?

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