Ghostly Harmonies by Aurelia Skye (ePUB)

ghostly harmonies, aurelia skye

Ghostly Harmonies by Aurelia Skye, Kit Tunstall – Free eBooks Download


Clara and her allies take on Jameson and his minions in the final showdown.
The Arcanum and Jameson have taken Clara’s son, but she won’t let them have him. After a daring rescue mission, the Guardians go on the offensive. Reacquiring the Epoch Stone and the prototype is just the first step. When Elliot’s ghost reveals a bit of information he’s held back, it will take the group back into the heart of darkness to destroy the artifacts and stop Jameson forever. The odds are steep, and losing is unthinkable, but will they survive the last step necessary to bring back the balance? If they survive, is Clara ready to start over with Nathan, who reveals his own hidden truth that blindsides her?

This is the third and final installment of “The Haunting of Clara Gray.”

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  • Ghostly Harmonies – Aurelia Skye, Kit Tunstall ePUB



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