Ghost and the Hanged Man by Maggie Decker (ePUB)

ghost hanged man, maggie decker

Ghost and the Hanged Man (Tin Star Witches: Beyond Ruby Gulch #1) by Maggie Decker – Free eBooks Download


I was an outcast. alone . Spending life in the shadows, watching; unwilling to claim what little family I have. I’ve lived on the outskirts of Ruby Gulch my entire life, learning early how to take care of myself when I didn’t want anyone else to do it. Magic flows beneath me, through me, and one day that magic brings me a man.
I never regretted taking care of my family, or wished for an easier life; not until the day my family needed something I couldn’t provide. I made my way to Ruby Gulch in search of the man who owed us a debt. Instead of offering me help he offered me a rope. There was a feeling of magic in Ruby Gulch and somehow that magic saved me. Can I save my family?

When the two men meet they decide to try again, to look for the help they want. What they find is something different all together, not the help they were looking for but maybe it was what they needed. Now the magic is in danger and only they can save Ruby Gulch and the power beneath it.

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